Hot Pink Charity - New Venture Fund

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THE Glow BRAND's New Venture Fund

Having the courage to launch a full-blown start-up is a rare and valued trait valued by all but only held by a few. Having the support of an investor who truly believes in and can see the merits of a good idea is just as rare and is the opportunity of a lifetime to be grabbed in both hands!

We at THE Glow BRAND recognize the fact that the European economy needs more entrepreneurs willing and able to follow through on their ideas and who have the perseverance to make them happen. THE Glow BRAND therefore challenges aspiring entrepreneurs to pitch their business ideas to our panel of dedicated experts in the knowledge that here is a very real opportunity of receiving start-up cash and pro bono services through our extensive network.

Who should put their names forward to be assessed for the ‘New Venture Fund’ award?

All individuals with existing promising concepts or inventions developed whilst working or studying and who would like to turn those innovations into a viable business. THE Glow BRAND looks for the “Pump up your Glow” can-do attitude in the candidate, a solid business model that clearly incorporates social responsibility and a clear and sound financial plan.

In terms of our social commitments all of our products purchased in the colour of Hot Pink will donate exclusively to
THE Glow BRAND’s New Venture Fund.

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