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The Glow Brand is proud to present women’s designer shoes in a specialized material that allows us to offer vegan pumps in a variety of high fashion women shoe colors.

Our stiletto heels are temperature consistent which makes them the ideal day and evening shoes with also an all-season water resistant exterior.

High heel shoes color range: Pink stilettos, Blue, Orange, Green, Yellow, Red, Nude (Beige), Black, Silver metallic (Grey), Purple (Lilac)


The Glow Brand high heel shoes also fall within the category of women vegan shoes. This women stiletto brand has focused on complete eco-fashion accountability. Due to the recyclable materials chosen these vegan pumps have been carefully constructed right from the start of the high heel production process. The pump shoe itself consists of at least three impact zones to absorb shock, and the stiletto heel itself is constructed honoring traditional materials and methods to guarantee strength. Available in ten colors, the hot pink stilettos where the first in The Glow Brand range. Through demand the royal range was created bringing in traditional colors such as beige stilettos, which are also often referred to as nude stilettos due to the indulgent richness of the color. As designer shoes women clearly also requested evening shoes, and for this reason the silver metallic stilettos were also given a place of honor in the new season color palette.