Bella Pelle Charity - Mission Bambini

Mission Bambini is an Italian and independent charity foundation established in 2000 to help and support children who are poor, ill, without an education or abused physically and morally. We promote and support projects in Italy and other parts of the world which provide social support, health assistance, education, and professional training to children and young adults (up to 18 years of age) regardless of culture, gender, race or religion. Our work is fully aligned to the principles enshrined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. We also work on the conviction that helping needy children ultimately benefits society as a whole. In 15 years of activity the Foundation has supported 1.145 projects in 72 countries helping directly more than 1.000.000 children.

Consistent with the decision to prioritize helping children who ran the risk of an early death, since 2005, Mission Bambini has been involved in the treatment of children with heart diseases through the campaign “Children’s heart”. With the help of Italian volunteer doctors and hospital facilities, the Foundation acts to save the lives of children, born in the poorest countries, with serious heart diseases. The Foundation also promotes the training of indigenous medical personnel. Thanks to Mission Bambini up to now the lives of 1.337 children with serious heart diseases, born in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe have been saved through cardio surgical operations, hundreds of children have been examined and about 100 foreign doctors have been trained.

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