New Year 2017 and a Unicorn

Planning for the New Year 2017 and the first images of fireworks and ridiculous accessories with glittered numbers can be easily pictured in your mind.  It is also that one day in the year were I take a little sip of champagne with my man and we both enjoy the best start to the New Year possible: A kiss and “I love you”, a tradition that we started together so that we would always be both “the first” to have said those three magical words to each other.


2016 was a challenging year, and it seemed as if all the deities were in on it too! Having had a look at Facebook videos in the last week everything right now is focusing on the number of celebrities who passed-away this year, the “extreme” amount of mind-boggling events ranging from Harambe the Zoo gorilla to political exits such as Brexit and the American election of the idiosyncratic Mr Donald Trump. Consider this: no one saw it coming but apparently enough people voted for it. That last sentence makes you think doesn’t it?


So now with a little imagination and fantasy (more than for 2016), I’ve decided that there will be no such surprises for any of us in 2017. Besides haven’t we seen it all by now, so realistically you honestly just are not allowed to be amazed anymore? Right?


So since all of the above has proven that anything can come true, I’ve decided to believe in UNICORNS. And seriously, the “real one” as defined by Wikipedia


Yes, I have chosen that from now on I will believe in everything dreamy and enchanting, and actually now that I think about it, I always have because I believe in LOVE. Something we’ve all been spellbound by. 


I believe in the good of people, I believe that miracles happen every day and I’m looking forward to the first child born this new year. Children with their amusing obliviousness will continue to show us adults new perspectives on life and thanks to all of this, we will have the opportunity to appreciate a new angle on a fresh year.


So please join me at the stroke of midnight to cheer in a New Year. We don’t need braveness or hope; we need to do it in love and with a new style -> Believe in the irresistibly impossible and I promise that all of us will be enthralled by 2017! 


CHEERS to 2017!


Oh by the way, here in Frankfurt at 12:00, it started to snow. And yes, this is the proof to how 2017 has started: with magic in the air for all of us.



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