Happy New Year 2016 resolutions

I love New Year’s resolutions, goals that are romantic, motivational or adventurous (take your pick, I normally set a few of all types) they are all great for jump-starting a mental step towards your deepest desires.


Why do I like making New Year’s resolutions so much? It is quite simple really, some years ago I discovered that if I have something on my mind, I tend to think and act towards that direction even if it is only subconsciously.   So I decided that the only way to life was to focus on what was important to me. It is a bit like being in love, when that special someone is always on your mind, you incorporate him or her in your life without any limitations. 


Therefore a good start to 2016 for me involves a list of priorities in which I can feel that my gut feeling leans towards without any inhibitions. On this “official day” of goal setting I firstly don’t allow my heart to get self-conscious. Putting yourself out there in an emotional context is always challenging, but please never let your own pride get in the way of possible special moments, the best of which are always shared. 


Secondly, and the most difficult of all, is that I don’t allow my brain to come up with enough solid reasoning on why it could be possible NOT to achieve something! Looking back to my younger years, I have been a master of talking myself out of my own targets. How silly! There is enough standing in your way, don’t be your own worst enemy on top of it!


Now that you’ve set your goals please remember that THAT nervous feeling is GOOD! Someone I very much admire once told me that “You are not afraid, this feeling you think you have, is really just nervous energy because deep down you are excited!” This has now become my chosen way to interpret any perceived anxiety. This is the only real challenge, turning trepidation into positive energy. Get rid of those self-imposed roadblocks.


Having a positive mind set is the key. Thinking positively truly affects the way in which you approach and eventually fulfill your personal ambitions. So here is the best top-tip of all, do not only deeply desire but also purposefully orientate towards a positive recognition of the essence of “why”. In this way, even before you tick that box, you will find that you are already living as if that goal has been achieved. Success breeds success. 


Rounding off, I guess you could say that it all sounds a lot like the concept of good Karma. “Karma means action, work or deed; it also refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (effect).” 


Perhaps it is only cause and effect, but then, how great is this? How much easier has even the toughest New Year’s resolution become? All your physical efforts from now on will be backed up by the most important individual in your life: YOURSELF. 


So, with this solidly churning in my whole being, I’d like to wish you all on behalf of The Glow Brand, a wonderful and happy New Year, with an extremely successful 2016! Keep your loved ones close, and fulfill your dreams. 2016 is not only a specific year, but also more importantly a moment in time in which you truly lived your life.