Favorite #Oktoberfest #Trends

The look: from classic and conservative to glamorous and modern. O'zapft is! If ever #Munich #München was in the centre of attention, it has to be at Oktoberfest. It IS THE Fashion Week(s) of #Bavaria, all eyes on super-sexy#Germany sets the trends for the festivals world-wide.

We ♥ this years trends, there can be no glory without costume!
Stiletto pumps can’t be high enough! By The Glow Brand UG, with every color available for every Dirndl imaginable -> fun fact, they are also beer (water) resistant!
Dresses made up of finer materials, such as lace aprons, we love particularly Designer Label Trachtenträume 
Raving color this year is an important in the fresh flared #Dirndls as well as matching accessories.
Get into that pretzel mood with hairstyles that remain gorgeously traditional so plait away ladies! 

Find here, this year’s favorite #stiletto colors:

Lady Greystone https://theglowbrand.com/lady-greystone

Neon Yellow https://theglowbrand.com/neo-yellow-pumps

Aqua Blue https://theglowbrand.com/aqua-blue-pumps

Bella Pelle https://theglowbrand.com/bella-pelle

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