Great start to a great summer!

Hello Ladies! It’s now been a week since we launched the online store and what a positive response! I love it!

THE Glow BRAND is quite daring – I’ll give you that – but with over 300 likes (how do I “like” that specifically!?) on our Facebook page without any real hard-core advertising, I’m quite proud! No! In fact I’m very, VERY proud!! The message is getting out there.

Feedback has been awesome: “what a great design…” “…how cool is that!” (I put the shoes in my dishwasher in front of a group of girlfriends after a night out and they were amazed!) @ rinse only please!

So, I’m taking my refreshed, dusted, dishwasher friendly shoes out with me to the park today – we have sunshine – and I want to let these baby’s rock the daylight hours as well.

Every time I wear the shoes, I really do get a lot of “Wow!” responses. The colours are candy sweet and seem to be glowing all the time. The style is super classic and the little plateau is also on top of the trends. I live in a city of bankers but there are more women amongst them who, despite their daily dark suites, really know their run-a-way stuff! I see the yearning in your eyes ladies, I do! I do!

This is all part of building ‘the’ brand. While we now have months of hard work in creating these wonderful stilettos behind us, we still have more months of hard work ahead showing them off. That actually doesn’t sound too bad now does it?

I want our brand to develop a real ‘persona’ of its own. It’s a beautiful, striking, classic pump in which a young lady can step forward with confidence. Part of this confidence for me is also the charities connection. As woman we are by nature caring and I simply want to prove that we don’t have to be in sneakers and jeans to do it.

Years ago, while an au pair in Italy, one of the things that I loved about the country was that while I paired down in sweaters and jeans to handle one teenie-weenie, bubbling Italianino, business women around me were dressed to the nines in their typically fearless high-heeled style with just enough head turning bling in one shape or another. Mrs. High-Heeled tickety-tackety ruled the supermarket controlling the shopping trolley with one elegantly manicured hand whilst balancing a precious bambino on the hip with the other. 

Now stereotypes exist for a reason and let me tell you something, these Monica Bellucci’s do it SO humbly well!

So ladies what’s the next step for THE Glow BRAND? Naturally it’s continuing to build the brand through visibility so it’s up to you my “Sex in the City, A-type Carrie attitudinal” girlfriends, where “no heel is too high”! Thanks for continuing to bring that message across – strong & beautiful, bring it on!

And here are the shoes in the park > Loving that sunshine!