The strongest high heels EVER!

From the inside out, The Glow Brand Jelly shoes stand their ground!


The Glow Brand stilettos are reinforced with a core made of fiberglass and stainless steel. Regarding the all-important unbreakable heels, this is were quality really speak. The Glow Brand Jellies have especially invested in a very traditional method of ensuring possibly one of the strongest stiletto heels in the world! 


Our high heels are made from TPU, this means our shoes are VEGAN and recyclable. Eco fashion speaking, one of the best of its kind in the stiletto shoe world. As women designer footwear we have of course taken comfort into consideration, the TPU has different densities through out the structure. The most external structure also makes up the toe box and being thicker acts as a wonderful shock absorber absorbing impact with each step taken.


Feet put into any kind of shoe made from rubber, plastic and cheaper PVC are often becoming wet and smelly. In closed environments it makes for a wonderful breading ground for bacteria. Leather shoes are not exactly innocent themselves either, think about it, the leather absorbs moisture... but how often is the gunk washed out? The Glow Brand high heels in its full range of colors are made from a high quality TPU, used in medical industries it is flexible and also allows for moisture absorption, a further benefit is that as a synthetic material, these Jelly shoes can also be washed fresh and clean again!


The high heel is fully recyclable and also represents its commitment to sustainable fashion by ensuring production in Italy, 100% components made from Italy, a attention to quality, and with each purchase - supporting a different international charity or organization.

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Lots of love

The Glow Brand Team