High Heel trends 2017

A Jelly'liscous come back!  

Jellies have made a massive comeback this summer and it is easy to see why. As a statement piece I remember them from the 90's, it was THE shoe that could be easily paired and styled with just about anything and it was therefore worn by every identifiable youth group, from the popular in-crowd to the Arties, or the Goths, you name it, they wore it.

Myself? I just loved the practicality of the shoes. As a bit of a sports jock, they didnt scratch easily, were very comfortable and once washed always looked sparking new again. The same could not be said for our expensive leather patent Sunday-best shoes and therefore always had to be on our best behavior... 


Now a days the material has also improved tremendously. The Glow Brand stilettos is at the forefront of this development and are using even a medical-grade form of TPU. This makes them anti-bacterial, and they also hasve some additional materials incorporated into their high heel form for absorbing moisture. Such comfort in stilettos have never been known before.


So how to style your Jelly high heels?

  • Have fun and pair them with vibrant colored stockings. Thigh-high stocking-socks give a really cute and elegant twist to wearing stiletto high heels.
  • High heels always look great with close fitting pants, so why not skinny jeans? It's a very feminine curve-hugging look but also ultra casual.
  • If you have a really bright pair of high heels or even more than one pair of the same style, you can also think of mixing up the colors a bit and using your jelly shoes as the main focus of an outfit. Stay in your slimming black but bring your feet into focus with cute colored stilettos.
  • Color blocking with shoes is an arty form of self-expression too. Try primary color combos to start!

Don't forget, when it comes to Jellies in general, fun is the main element to the style. High heels may add a touch of sophisticaltion, but even the most classic outfits will always spell out F U N with Jellies, a sense of entertainment to your every day or evening wear!


Have fun!


Check out www.theglowbrand.com for our own Jelly high heel selection.


xoxo The Glow Brand team