Jelly Shoes are US

Jelly Shoes are US

Yummy yummy Jelly

Wikipedia defines Jelly Shoes as “Jelly shoes or jellies are shoes made of PVC plastic. …”


The Glow Brand high heel shoes are actually made of TPU, so while not strictly PVC or plastic, they do fall into the same “synthetics” category hence are also "Jelly Shoes" per the definition.

When our entrepreneurial company first started looking into the high heel design, it was very important for us that the pump shoe form should also represent our business ethics. This means that we paid particular attention to what the stiletto heels were made of. Below is a material comparison between TPU and PVC to help show what is in our vegan pumps. You will see that TPU is a much higher grade material, better for the environment and extremely comfortable and safe to wear.

TPU -> The Glow Brand base material

  • Abrasion resistant
  • Physical strength and elasticity
  • High mechanical performance
  • Will not harden over time
  • Higher cost than PVC
  • Breathable and odourless
  • Low temperature resistant
  • Can have flame retardants added
  • Used in medical products
  • More environmentally friendly and can be recycled

PVC -> Competitors

  • Can crack over time
  • Strength and elasticity degrade over time
  • Will harden and discolour over time
  • Lower cost than TPU
  • Odour
  • Will crack at low temperatures but out performs TPU at high temperatures
  • Contains more dangerous chemicals including halogen, plasticizer, phthalates which may have serious health consequences
  • Flame retardant although it gives off dangerous smoke
  • Used in medical products
  • As PVC degrades the chemical bonds will be broken and dangerous gasses will be released along with corrosive acids


We are very proud of our women stiletto shoes and appreciate our customers and fashion media who have shown us how they are having fun with our product range. thank you for all the awesome posts! Jelly shoes are back in fashion and we love to see them explode once more trending as women vegan shoes. Do watch also our own instragram feed for fun picks of the silver metallic stilettos in action, they are not just a evening shoe! We will also be posting more shortly of our pink stilettos, followed of course by the beige stilettos with some styling ideas. The women stiletto shoe makes just about every outfit elegant, but perhaps we will also go just as “free” as our nude stilettos too… stay tuned for these images coming soon. 

Enjoy and thank you!
The Glow Brand team