Welcome to GlowTrends– unveiling the Glow – as if the colours aren’t vavavoom enough, but yes there is more!

First the literal meaning: "Pump up your Glow"
Pump, as in "pumping iron" and Pump as in the classical styled and most loved and sexiest of all ladies shoe styles.
Then of course, add the Glow, the beautiful blush of a woman’s rosy cheek.

Word foreplay aside, there is a much deeper meaning for myself personally, which is what I wanted to share with you.

5 reasons, 5 colours, 5 charities

My mother was an annoyingly strong (but much loved) personality. One of her most famous achievements was her insane (actually both parents are guilty of this) achievement of her Green number (and as a good women, she kept my dad chasing after her). What’s this? Comrades runners unite: The Comrades is an 89 km long ultra-marathon city-to-city run which you have to complete in under 12hrs. She has done it successfully more that 10 times! On the count of three everybody bow please... 1... 2... 3...

Actually in all fairness she didn’t really give me that much choice. When I chose to raise funds in her memory, I felt I simply had to do something that she was particularly known for (thanks mom). So here is where the first pair of shoes actually comes in.

​Having successfully completed the run, and unashamedly shuffling painfully about for proceeding weeks (no glamour here yet), I was pretty sure at the time that despite the successful fund raising activity, there simply HAD to be an easier way.

Some time later in a conversation between myself and a friend about another pair of ruined high heels (the rain, idiots at the bar, pavement stones) it became clear: the world’s best leg enhancing accessory is also a women’s worst nightmare in terms of budget and maintenance.

Now my mother was also a regular fashionista in her own right. She packed in her carefully colour coded outfit-matching heels to change into after running to the office every the morning without fail. On wet days though, she also packed her guilt-free ruin’able old sneakers. My question now is why? Why not haveat least one pair of shoes that does glamour in both rain and shine? And hereby, The Glow Brand was born.

Months of research, and many raised eyebrows later I would discover that not only are "plastic" shoes on the verge of a real fashion break-through (going beyond sports shoes, crocs, jellies and wellingtons now) but so are gloriously bright colours. Finally! After years of pastels, colour is not just a vague springtime phenomena but real vibrant hues are hitting the runways in everything from hot pink to neon yellow. The glamour begins...

At this point it was a no brainer, and nothing could stop the tiptoed shoe from walking. The Glow Brand would launch its first product using a high-grade TPU in bright pantones, and as in true charity style, each colour would benefit a good cause. The Glow Brand now had bold sensibility in being both bright (in so many ways) and beautiful. The overall re-design experience played with as many uninterrupted lines as possible, creating a subtle but even more powerful elegance in the already very strong form. Watch out! These shoes look sweet, but mean business.

The stiletto, probably the world’s strongest feminine power symbol became the official launch product and the Pump up the Glow mission of The Glow Brand label followed in hot pursuit. The legs of women are the points of a compass that bestride the globe in all directions, giving it its equilibrium and harmony. Francois Truffaut.

This is for every women on a mission, come sun or rain, The Glow Brand proudly lets them perform looking their best, a true symbol of their own values and what each young lady literally stands for:

To speak for those who cannot speak for themselves: International Foundation of Animal Welfare

The appreciation for and embracing of new talent: The Arts Foundation

Recognizing that each individual is part of a society and we must protect our next generations: Starfish Greathearts Foundation

Life is beautiful and to be celebrated: MissioneSogniOnlus

So finally, for my first blog (and I promise to rant less on the next) I want to say a personal thank you to all those who helped bring The Glow Brand to this very stiletto’ish point.

To every girl out there, go get your power play on! Go The Glow Brand!

Love you Mom!