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Jelly Shoes are US
Yummy yummy Jelly Wikipedia defines Jelly Shoes as “Jelly shoes or jellies are shoes made of PVC plastic. …” The Glow Brand high heel shoes are actually made of TPU, so while not strictly PVC or plastic, they do fall into the same “synthetics” category hence are also "Jelly Shoes" per the definition.
Winter Fashion 2017
Weatherproof Shoes - You're welcome! The Glow Brand stilettos prove their worth yet again. It’s winter but that doesn’t mean that we ladies...
Cool with Eco Fashion
Trendy Berlin: Fashion week is hot in the city, but are you playing cool with Eco-Fashion? Germany’s fashion capital has again attracted the country’s top designers to showcase their collections.
New Year 2017 and a Unicorn
Planning for the New Year 2017 and the first images of fireworks and ridiculous accessories with glittered numbers can be easily pictured in your mind. It is also that one day in the year were I take a little sip of champagne with my man and we both enjoy the best start to the New Year possible: A kiss and “I love you”, a tradition that we started together so that we would always be both “the first” to have said those three magical words to each other.
Stiletto-style Christmas 2016
Can you believe it’s nearing the end of December already? At first we were all focused on Advents, Christmas and Hanukah and now the New Year is just around the corner so don’t pack away all your sparkly sequin attire just yet!
The Bucket List connection
Previously I wrote about setting New Year’s resolutions and why I believe it is important to listen to your gut before putting ink to paper and finalizing your goals. Setting a New Year’s resolution has become tradition, whether a person makes a promise to do an act of self-improvement or just something slightly nice, such as opening doors for people beginning from New Year’s Day.
Happy New Year 2016 resolutions
I love New Year’s resolutions, goals that are romantic, motivational or adventurous (take your pick, I normally set a few of all types) they are all great for jump-starting a mental step towards your deepest d
Favorite #Oktoberfest #Trends
The look: from classic and conservative to glamorous and modern. O'zapft is! If ever #Munich #München was in the centre of attention, it has to be at Oktoberfest. It IS THE Fashion Week(s) of #Bavaria, all eyes on super-sexy#Germany sets the trends for the festivals world-wide.
Brrr. Is Autumn here already?
Looking for inspiration to face the changing wind and rain, I've gone for bright yellow and easy going grey. Bright yellow is associated with joy, happiness, intellect, and energy. It produces a warming effect, arouses cheerfulness, stimulates mental activity, and generates muscle energy.
Hup Holland Hup!
Hup Holland Hup! Oranje Boven! COLOUR YOUR NATION for the FIFA World Cup Soccer 2014: Featuring: The Glow Brand UG Stilettos in Fluo Orange
Forza Italia!
In bocca al lupo Squadra Azzurra !
Go for it Greece!
Go for it Greece soccer team! Featuring: The Glow Brand UG Stilettos in Aqua Blue, also supporting the International Foundation for Animal Welfare
4th star for Germany?
Go for the 4th STAR Deutscher Fußball fans
Les Tricolores!
Les Tricolores, The Glow Brand UG à la mode… Allons-y!
Get your strikers out England!
COLOUR YOUR NATION for the FIFA World Cup Soccer 2014: Featuring: The Glow Brand UG Stilettos in Empress Red, donating to “Half the Sky”
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