1000 Facebook fans!

Straight off the bat, I have the pleasure of correcting myself, not only is The Glow Brand celebrating 1000 Facebook Fans but actually we are celebrating 2000 plus Fans! Rock my world – Hello! I “LIKE”! I“LIKE”! I “LIKE”!

At a certain slightly scary point of personal realisation, I must admit that watching the numbers climb had become a bit of an addiction but regardless I unashamedly pulled other people into my momentary obsession and nonetheless, as we neared the magic number I had contacts in about three different countries all studying the website intensely with continuous page refreshing as it neared to 1000. It was going at a speed, but I was not going to miss THE moment – well done David Weermeijer by the way!

Next milestone… 10 000?!

Q: But what does this mean for The Glow Brand? A simple answer for our 4002 pump style is, of course, visibility. Now, I am not the specialist in the marketing department but I do think that when you really believe in something, you have to show it and put it out there. You need to stimulate questions and get people talking. Which brings me to my question to you, “Are you talking about The Glow Brand?”

Facebook Fans would also have noticed that the week before was the first time we put the shoes in a store. Now let me tell you, I’m not a sales person by any means (a majorly missing character trait for this adventure I must admit), but I do like to quietly people-watch which is just as well because the first 30 minutes of having placed the shoes in the shop window turned out to be the most satisfying 30 minutes since this project first lifted off the ground (ironically it was also the first 30 minutes that I spent doing absolutely nothing since we started, although in the same breath I could argue “absolutely nothing” as market research…).

Why? Because people were stopping to look and I do mean stopping. Not hesitation, stopping. There was some serious window-shopping action going on. Why was this a huge satisfaction? Simply put…the shoes are stunning and the shoes do grab attention. Fair, I already knew this but the confirmation from a fresh, unattached community outside of my network is now proving exactly the same reactions. Perfect!

I even had the opportunity of speaking to two spell-bound ladies who came inside immediately asking for their sizes. It was the first time that I had the opportunity to talk to customers one-on-one and this was really good for me personally because it has become clear to me that I have also not really promoted the involvement of the charities and the story behind the project enough.
For those of you who have already read the “about us” page on the website, you will know that The Glow Brand could not be more personal to an entrepreneur. To put so much on the line already… and then to add getting on this emotional roller coaster on top of it at a time that you need to be at your strongest. Well… it’s tough.

So now time for the “Pump up your Glow!” attitude, when the going gets rough, the tough get going.

Thank you to the first 2800 fans, here’s to the next milestone and the next step in building the brand:

If you’re sexy and we know it clap your hands…

If you’re damn good, and you know it, now stiletto stomp your feet!