Stiletto-style Christmas 2016

Can you believe it’s nearing the end of December already? At first we were all focused on Advents, Christmas and Hanukah and now the New Year is just around the corner so don’t pack away all your sparkly sequin attire just yet!


This Christmas season has naturally featured strongly in several jolly and merry themed posts from our favorite bloggers. We have really enjoyed their input on their unique Candy Cane twists on the subjects of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and of course the greatest season splurges of them all: yummy food recipes and fabulous gift wrapping ideas.

How talented all these people are!


But now that the shiny wrapping, and glittering tinsel have all been torn-off “carefully selected” gifts… we find ourselves sitting on plush sofas and digesting the last of Christmas meals and making new diet plans while considering new fitness regimes, starting of course in January.


But NO STOP!! Please… let’s stall… even if just for a few minutes and prevent as best possible the feeling of Christmas coming to an end.


Personally, I love the Christmas season and I’m always sad when these days are over. Whether a child or adult, we always find something special to be enjoyed either ourselves or through another.


So to keep the festive spirit alive a little longer in the winter air and to distract from the sad passing of yet another musical icon this year, Mr George Michael (R.I.P.), let’s take some time to reflect on some favorites, combining the new and old, knowing that he too would have enjoyed some of these as well.


Click & enjoy!


Christmas carols, and with a clear conscience we nominate Mariah Carey’s return via James Corden’s carpool karoke as the best tune to rock our festive world.

NB: You will notice that James is wearing one of THOSE cheesy Christmas jumpers…


NB: Did you know that George Michael was actually his very first guest to benefit Comic Relief?


And speaking of which, the return of the ugly Christmas jersey / pullover / jumper


Blog by: Bustle dot com


Our favorite phrase “Because an ugly Christmas sweater doesn’t have to mean an ugly ensemble” – so very true! Match with “The Glow Brand” stilettos and you will be full-on in the “giving chic” mood!


No Christmas posting is complete without food… My German friends always ask me “Why the fixation on mince-pie tarts… and how come there is no mincemeat in them?”. Sadly, the English side of my family wasn’t sure of the answer either so we sat around the Christmas table and all merrily “Googled” the answer. The best explanation is thanks to the English Heritage site.


And the best recipe, of course is here: Best regards to Jamie Oliver "Mmmmm... yummy yummy"


Our favorite DIY blog was definitely by “Handmade Charlotte” on vintage honeycomb ornaments - flashback to many happy childhood memories – we are in love <3


And now to end with a little something stunning but still a bit on the "little crazy" side but of course sort-of staying true to fashion and lifestyle on the "Stiletto" subject. What do you think of this AMAZING set of peppermint candy cane inspired acrylic nails by Dazzle Glam Nails.


Until the next round of our Stiletto lifestyle, thank you for reading! We hope you enjoyed the links as much as we  did.


The Glow Brand team